Kurdish History

We created this website to provide accurate information about Kurdish History. As you would apreciate, it’s impossible to tell a whole history of a nation on a blog. Thus, instead of telling the Kurdish history from beginning of time to present day, we have preferred to give informations under the topics below:


ORIGINS OF THE KURDS: On this page, we use genetics sources with links to back up our articles.

KURDISH CONTRIBUTIONS TO CIVILIZATION: History shows us that every people can contribute to civilization if they have the chance. On this page we made lists of prominent Kurdish scholars, artists, sciencists, philosophers etc.

KURDISH REBELLIONS IN HISTORY: Kurdish history is full of rebellions. We are working to documentate them properly.

KURDISH STATES IN HISTORY:  Many people don’t know that there have been Kurdish principalities, kingdoms and even empires throughout history. On this page we are documenting the Kurdish states from ancient times to current time.

 KURDISH GENOCIDES IN HISTORY: Especially in 20th and 21th centuries, Kurdish people suffered too many massacres and genocides. Plus, neighbouring powers imposed assimilation policies and demographic engineering. Kurds still fight for their rights.

RELIGIOUS HISTORY OF KURDISTAN: In every society, religions play a huge role. They can develop traditions, create major groups and shape ethnicities.